Flourish & Thrive

Life should be simple….

Have you ever found yourself getting overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list? It seems that September has just snuck up on me and even the thought of having to get back into all the routines of the new term, has left me feeling the jitters of anxiety.

I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do. But, I have decided rather than panic I will take one step at a time. I need to re-evaluate my life, take stock of what is necessary and what can be put on hold until life is less hectic.

I understand the need for structure and routine but I also acknowledge to keep well, I must make time to look after my mental health.

For me, that means taking time for myself; doing things I enjoy, like getting outside and observing the changing seasons. I love to see the Autumnal colours and hear the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees or kicking a pile of golden leaves blown into a huddle by the wind.

So, I will be trying to keep things simple by enjoying the small moments of beauty that enhance and enrich my soul. For without these gems, life becomes too busy and robs me of the pleasures that make life worth living. I hope you will join me and take time to nourish your soul too, and just keep life simple.